Web Design Services

& Advanced SEO Services

Combined, we have backgrounds in website development and design, website hosting\server administration, SEO\digital marketing, advertising, graphic design, photography, copywriting and content writing. We provide web design services for clients in Cornelius, NC and throughout the United States.

Website Development & Web Design Services

Every business is unique. We listen closely and work with you to make sure that the purpose and identity of your brand translates to your website.
We also do website redesign to modernize functionality and create the responsive website or mobile friendly website you need to compete online. Potential clients will be able to access your responsive website via a Google search.

Website Hosting

As a web host we store your website on a server and support it in terms of updates and security. Hosting with us benefits you in that you pay one price for all web design services.  We take care of all the server support and you can get back to your business.

These web design services:

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO


SEO Copywriting

Link Building

Content Writing

Local SEO

Organic Search

are all part of …

Digital Marketing

SEO is

how your website is ranked in an unpaid search result. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is how your website ranks in paid search (Pay Per Click) results.
On Page SEO works by titling all your pages with relevant keywords, search terms and other On Page SEO strategies so your business can easily be found on Google.
We also provide Advanced SEO packages to help boost your rank locally by adding your business to local listings, directories, creating backlinks, and citations. We create content by writing blog posts, articles, boosting your websites content and diagnostics for optimal performance.
Without digital marketing, your site could fall to the graveyard of all undiscovered websites. Such sad tales come out of that graveyard.


A content management system allows you to easily maintain your website using drag-n-drop.  For those of you who like the hands-on approach.


Having a personal domain is like buying property. Your domain address should be uniquely customized for your business and contain your main keyword.  Anything less will undermine the awesomeness of your business.
And you maintain control over your domain.  We do not hijack domains and hold them for ransom.  Yes, we see this all the time.


Let us repeat… We Design Logos.  Logo design is its own field – usually under an expensive branding agency.  If you want to skip that added expense and just need a simple logo, we can handle that, too.
We take pride in getting to know our clients brand identity in order to provide them with the most unique and tailored logo designs. You could almost say it is an obsession.
Check out the Affordable Website Design Packages page for more details.

Graphic Design

We are a fully functioning website design company. This means that we also provide graphic design services. Anything from designing your logos to creating custom graphics for your site.
In order to help you maintain a cohesive look we create properly sized social media icons, banners and posts. Check our Pricing page for more.

Copywriting & Stock Photos

We meant it when we said we could provide all web design services.  We can write clear, well structured and grammatically correct, SEO or search engine optimized content. We can also provide stock photos specific to your business.
All these services provide an extra shimmer to your site. Check the Pricing page for more.