Small Business Website Design

Finding The Hidden Potential for Profit

Does your business have a responsive and user-friendly site? Are you taking advantage of social media? Is your site ranking at optimal levels on search engines? Are you in the Google Map Pack?

Small businesses are not using all the resources available to achieve business goals and increase profits. The numbers on Small Business Website Design may surprise you.

As of 2022, 27% of Small Businesses still do not have a website

Out of the 73% of small businesses that have a website 43% are looking for SEO services to optimize those websites

28% of business is now conducted online

51% of website traffic is conducted through mobile devices

Google has started prioritizing mobile friendly sites in their search parameters. This means websites that are not mobile friendly will begin to sink in rankings.

A whopping 93% of traffic comes through the Google Search Engine which means you REALLY want your site to rank on Google

21% of small business websites have low traffic issues which translate into potential profit loss

User Experience | Listen to potential clients about what they want out of a website

•  2-3 second load times or else I’m out of here

•  Simple, easy to navigate menus (don’t get fancy)

•  Well structured text that is easy to scan (nobody really reads anymore)

•  Embedded videos to keep us on that page longer

•  Engaging/useful content and appealing website design (don’t just write content for the algorithm, write for your potential clients)

Wabu Web Design specializes in Small Business Website Design to help boost online visibility.  Talk to us. We can help your business achieve its full potential.