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Why operate a web design agency out of Cornelius North Carolina?

First a little background on the area

Cornelius is a suburban town just outside the city of Charlotte and part of the Charlotte metro area. It is located north of the city along with its sister towns, Huntersville and Davidson.

Cornelius is known as a recreational town as many people from the city come to Cornelius to take advantage of water activities on Lake Norman. Also known for its greenways, parks and nature areas, Cornelius is a great place to take a walk in nature.

A greenway project called the Emerald Necklace aims to create a walkable, bike-able loop around town to connect residents and provide a safe way to exercise.

Cornelius is also known for its more affluent neighborhoods like The Peninsula. Many Nascar and sport personalities call Cornelius home. Lastly, Cornelius is wedged between the accessibility of Charlotte, the beautiful mountains and those beach getaways on the coast.

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Town of Cornelius – Living Here

What’s so great about starting a business in Cornelius?

Cornelius is just 30 minutes outside of Charlotte. Over the last 20 years Charlotte and its nearby towns have become magnets for people moving away from larger, more expensive cities.

Also luring people in are jobs in the finance industry, Nascar and the industries that cater to them. Businesses in the home services industry that provide services to homeowners all throughout the Lake Norman area.

It is evident that Cornelius is growing and is opening up opportunities for more businesses. That may bring some growing pains but with insightful planning, this town has a bright future. Many longtime businesses are looking forward to the domino effect that will help everyone grow together.

Among this powder keg of activity, we are known as a top web design agency and top SEO company in this area and we work hard for the business community.

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